Almoayed Investments

Corporate Governance


In today’s volatile market, it is especially important to ensure prudence in business through the implementation of risk management. The core of any risk-adjusted business operation begins with effective Corporate Governance. This framework outlines the set of relationships between the Board and the stakeholders of the company to ultimately add value through the enhancement of business operations.

The Corporate Governance Code outlines the policies and procedures that governs the activities of the board of directors and general management of Almoayed Investments BSC (c). We believe in transparency and fairness and this philosophy forms an integral part of the group’s culture and values, as well as the basis of our decisions.

With over twenty years of investments in Real Estate, Travel, Technology, Contracting, Transportation and F&B sectors, we aim to maximize our footprint through continued investment in early-stage start-ups as well as emerging technologies.

Our diverse portfolio is built on the back of family values and responsibility towards the community. Our ventures include investments in the MENA and North American markets, and we constantly seek new opportunities for growth and diversification.

Code of Conduct

To effectively manage the group’s conduct, we have installed a binding set of policies that govern how our board, management and employees behave and operate. The policy covers the conduct of business operations across the group, as well as that of suppliers and related parties. The framework also describes our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in recruitment as well as fairness through our Whistleblower policy.

The Code of Conduct ensures that all our officers are fit for their positions and duties and are held to account through robust internal controls.

Disclosure and Compliance

Almoayed Investments BSC (c) endeavors to effectively provide information that is relevant to all stakeholders of the group through the most efficient communication channels available – including on our website. Our policy has and always will be to ensure the utmost transparency at all times and exceeds all stipulations in the Corporate Governance Code as set forth by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of the Kingdom of Bahrain.